Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fear (Everything happens for a reason!)

This blog that am posting, I actually didn't just write it...It was a short story that i wrote for my literary writing course, and i actually got a high grade and it was publish in a book of short stories.(which was a honor and amazing experience..) I hope you like it,and yes this a true story...It took place my senior year 2007

By: Ashley Palmer

Yea, thought I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me: thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.
Psalm 23:4

Goodnight everybody, as I lay my head down to go to sleep…4 hours past I smell something strong. As I breathe in, I felt as if my in sides burning. I try to open my eyes but for some reason I couldn’t. I felt so weak and tired, but the smell was bothering me. I try to fight my sleepy eyes open and when they finally did open. It was pitch black; I turn to my sister and woke her up. I asked her do she smell that and she said yes, it smells like something is burning. So we got off our bed and went to the bedroom door, we touch the door nab which felt really warm. We slowly open the bedroom door and smoke hit our faces. We quickly close the door; as we looked into each others eyes we could tell that we both were scared. Fearing that the worst thing that could ever happen was happening, we had no idea on what to do. We open the door a second time to see if we could, run to our mom’s room which is down the hall, or even to our grandma’s room which was next door to our room. We looked in to the hallway for the second time; it was too smoky to see anything. The only thing we could see was the fire that was making its way up the stairs. So my sister grabs me as she slammed the bedroom door shut, and pulled me across the bed to our bedroom window. We begin to panic, as we try to fight the bedroom window open. My sister hit her head really hard on the window frame but she still kept on fighting the window open. When she finally decides to break the window, we put our heads outside the window where we can see red and orange colors flashing in front of our eyes. That’s when we knew what we thought was happening in deed was happening. The front our house was on fire, not just the front but the whole house was up in smoke even the roof of our neighbor house was on fire. There was no way out; we looked all around us, trying to find a way out but all I could think of was to jump out of the window. My sister was wondering if everybody else was ok, but we had no time to think of anybody else but our selves.
We looked two our left and to our right, we couldn’t find a why out. Then we look at the ground and our uncle was yelling at us to jump. My sister got on the air conditioner, try not to panic anymore. I waited on my sister to come up with an idea to get safely down from our second floor window. I could feel the flames licking my back, so I did the very thing I tried not to do which was panic. So I push my sister out the window, it happened so slowly but yet so fast. Before I knew it she was on the ground and she wasn’t moving, I thought to myself OH MY GOD I KILLED MY SISTER. As I stood there with my head hanging out the window, thinking oh my god is she died? Am I going to jail? My mom is going to kill me. She moves I never felt so much joy in my heart. It was like watching a new born baby coming into the world and seeing there mom for the first time. My uncle quickly pulled my sister to her feet to get her out of the why so I can make my great escape. When he got her out the way he looked up at me and told me to jump. When he said that I felt like time stood still, for a second there I had forgotten that my house was on fire. At this point I could still feel the flames licking my back; my uncle screamed jump so without a second thought I jumped. YES! I made my great escape.
I open my eyes and saw the light; I thought I was in heaven. The light was so bright and beautiful so I begin to smile then I realized I wasn’t in heaven. I was hell actually as a matter of fact I was at Kings County Hospital. I could hear the doctors say that to me as he flashes that stupid flash light in my eyes. And talking me like am def, I had to tell him I jump out of a window not push a pencil in my ear so don’t have to talk to me like a def. He laughs as he told me the date, time and what was going on with me and my sister. I tried to move around to see if my sister was ok because she was in the bed next to me. Then I realized I couldn’t move my neck I had a stupid neck brace. I could see to my left or to my right, all I could do was look up and boy did that suck. I felt like I was in a movie this just didn’t feel real to me, until my mom came into the room with tries in her eyes. To check on her babies to make sure that we was alright. As she wipe my forehead and kiss me on the cheek she whisper in my ear goodnight and I love you my child. And she left when she was gone I never missed my mom so much I cried all night.
A week past, and my sister was going home from the hospital. I was mad in away because she got to go home and now I was going to be here all alone. My mom tired to visit me everyday, but she had to take care of my sick sister at home and visit my grandmother who was at another hospital. Because she had to jump out the window just like her grandchildren which are scary when you think about your 70 year old grandma jumping out the window like a monkey. Another week had past and am still in the hospital getting a check ups, x-rays, blood test etc… I was feeling sick all the time because I wasn’t eating like that and I was home sick I WANT MY MOMMY! As am crying screaming I WANT MY MOMMY! It’s been 3 days since I seen her as a matter of fact, since I’ve seen anybody I knew. I felt like I was going crazy I believe being stuck in that hospital room was worst the going to jail. I had no to talk but to myself and god, until one day my nurse got me a radio. I never been so happy until the day I got the radio, it was Christmas season already so I had to look for the light station so I can listen to my Christmas carols. And long behold I found it my Christmas carols The Jackson Five “Santa Claus”. I sang the song everyday all day, it really help past the time. And before I knew it I wasn’t crying anymore my doctor told me I seem happier. All because I was listening to music everyday I wasn’t alone anymore. Then mom came to visit me I felt like I haven’t seen her in years when it only was 1 week and a half.
She give me a big kiss me, I never felt so happy to see my mom. Then she told me the good knows that I should be going home in a few days as soon as I get my back brace. I was so happy to hear that and when I leave the hospital I was going to stay at my aunt’s house. At this time I’ve been in the hospital for a 3weeks or 4 weeks now and my time run out. So my stay at the hospital was finally over and Christmas was here. Then my mom drop the bomb one me YOU’RE GOING BACK TO SCHOOL NEXT MONTH….OHH NOOOOOO!......................

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