Sunday, July 3, 2011

“Nobody Defense Your Worth, Unless You Let Them!...” -Ashley m. Palmer

I hate not feeling good enough!
I can’t stand the fact that I am punished everyday for being smart.
I hate that am not accepted for beginning myself.
I hate the fact that I care for people, who thinks and feel am not good enough.
But I love the fact that I stop caring.
I love the fact that it doesn’t hurt my feelings anymore.
I love the fact that I care enough to let go.
I love the fact that I love ME.
I love the fact that I cry when am overwhelm with joy.
I love the fact that I notice the change in my life.
I love the fact I accept me for me.
I love the fact that I am Good Enough for Me.

“I had to be put me first, before all others...” – Ashley M. Palmer
Am sick of people using me, (for my mind/body and spirit) weather it’s a guy who wants to “chill” or a so call friends who only calls you when they want “something”. Am I given off this energy that screams its Okay use me, I’ll get over it?
No am not! Enough is Enough!

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Hmm, I am not the same person I was yesterday! Shy (life is too short for that), Naïve (I pay close attention to things now) Angry/hot headed (I try not to let people get to me) AM A CHANGE WOMAN. Therefore, you should get to know me before you pass any judgments on me.