Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dear God......

Dear God,

I know am not the best or most perfect person in the world.

But I do try to be, I try to be respectful, honest, loving and kind to those who need it. I even try to be my brothers’ keeper lol. But when I look around me, and see the beauty of the world I can’t help but to cry.

Not because am in any kind of pain, but because am over whelm with happiest and joy to live another day in my life. Even thou the road my be hard, am happy for ever moment of it. Am happy for the highs and the lows, am happy for the mistakes I made and how I learn from it. Am happy that am the woman that I am today, people say am a 40 year old woman in a 20 year old body. Because am wise beyond my years, and am so grateful for that.

Am unique, am not in to the things most 20 years are in to. Am fine with that, am happy am me and I thank GOD! For that …..

So my father who art in heaven, I thank you for life & happiness.

Show a little bit more love to one another:

Till next time…..peace /love & cookies

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