Monday, December 14, 2009

Something to Think about.....

I have never been the kind of person to be disrespectful. To carry a grudge or to get mad, I always was very expressive when it comes to my feelings since I was a child. Because it comes easy for me, I love to express my emotions in music threw dance, artwork (like paintings, photography & pencil drawings) or even in the way I dress. Am just getting use to, this new medium (writing). Which I find to be so hard to do but it is easier for people to understand. Unlike dancing /artwork, which people just don’t get?

I hope that it never change, cause with age it gets harder. You know this thing call life; it teaches you things good and bad. Like conforming, we conform to things we normal would not like just to fit in. For example, some men watch sports because as a child they were told it’s the manly thing to do. Alternatively, some women wear high heels not because they like they way it looks/feels or anything. It’s because as a young ladies we were told “woman wear heel”, so in fact both sex are program to conform to society make up from when they was young. Into believing if you don’t watch sports your not a man and if you don’t wear heels your not a woman. Nevertheless, children never ask if it is a rule or did someone just made it. And, if a rule where is it written? on the other hand, is this how life should be?

This is so sad; we lie to our self and then expect people to tell us the truth. This by far the saddest thing I ever heard, so I decided to break the circle and not conform. In addition, hope for the best that this small contribution to society would help people stay true to themselves and learn to express themselves.

So I say young man if you do not want to watch sports DON’T and young woman if you do not want to wear heels DON’T….It doesn’t make you less of a man/woman.

peace /love & cookies

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