Sunday, December 6, 2009

"True friendship is when two friends can walk in opposite directions, yet remain side by side".

"Your friend is the person who knows all about you, and still like you".

Hmm, IDK what to say to you....Its taken me hours to write this E-mail out,I don't know the right words to say(write)...Because to tell you the truth I don't understand what happen myself,once we were mad cool.We told each other everything,we did everything together....We see each other mostly everyday,then at a blink of a eye...No words was even spoken, you shout me out(right when i needed a friend the most)...AGAIN!

Am not mad at you,don't get me wrong.I just want to know what happened?
Why me and my once upon a time best friend,isn't cool anymore?..I know you got school (lots of paper to write and home work to do), and a boyfriend who you care about.BUT STILL, i don't see a reason for me and you not to be cool.Its like ever since you and you boyfriend got together,you started to act different towards me..You stop texting,IM-ing and calling me like you use to, you deleted your accounts like myspace,facebook etc.. Also when i call you would say"am writing a paper and I'll call you back"(and you never did), then when I IM you end up saying the samething...Which I could understand,Yeah your life is busy .But I still don't see a reason way we stop talking.

One of the last time I hear from you, was a night I called you..Because I needed a friend to speak to, you answered the phone and told me you was sleeping and hang up on me.Which was pretty rude,mean and very hurtful...That was the last time I tired talk to you til now, a lot has happen. Things have change I am not the same person I was yesterday!

I would like to know what happen between us that's all...(This E-mail wasn't meant to hurt your feeling or make you feel anyway...It was written with best intentions )
peace /love & cookies

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