Thursday, March 18, 2010


When you read this blog, please do not read into it to much. Take it as is (at face value); do not try to twist my words around to make yourself feel as if you have some importance. YES! I do, love it when people have an opinion about my writing. Or have an opinion about pretty much anything, because it shows you have a brain (or just some form of sense).

However, when you use your opinion to be little me, or try to make yourself come off like some hot shot. That is when I have to tell you about yourself

“I can careless about your opinion, because your opinion has no value (when it comes to me)”. Am sorry if I don’t live up to the way you think all 21 year females should be, as a matter of fact( wait… 2 seconds later) I TAKE THAT BACK!. Because I really do NOT care about what you think or how you feel…

As you read this blog, you maybe getting the wrong idea … Going threw that brain of yours, you may think I actually care, because I wrote a whole blog about YOU! When in fact I do not care, I just realized I might not be the only girl you talk to in this manner. I guess the other ladies either don’t care about themselves enough to set you straight, or maybe even killed themselves (c’mon, I went to far huh?

So here’s me setting you straight, I have not a clue nor do I care about what you think about me. However, as soon as you voice that opinion in a rude and disrespectful manner then we have problems. Am not some lonely, sad little girl that would need a man to make them become a happy “woman”? If that’s idea, you get of who I am after reading one of my blogs you could not be more wrong.

Am not sad or lonely, so please keep your BS comments to yourself (to those who read my work and understand where am coming THANK YOU! your opinion do matter, because you people appreciate good writing, with a strong-minded writer

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Hmm, I am not the same person I was yesterday! Shy (life is too short for that), Naïve (I pay close attention to things now) Angry/hot headed (I try not to let people get to me) AM A CHANGE WOMAN. Therefore, you should get to know me before you pass any judgments on me.