Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Shadow could be define as an area that is not or is only partially irradiated or illuminated because of the interception of radiation by an opaque object between the area and source of radiation. In other words a rough image cast by an object blocking rays of illumination. Which are both great and good definitions of the word shadow but still does not get to the point of what content am using the word in.

Even throw both definition are 100% correct, when reading this blog you would be lost. Because of the content your use to hearing the word shadow in, in this cast it’s WRONG! I know I know …How it could be right in some sense and wrong in others, it’s easy because it’s all about the content in which the word in being used that’s all.

Which bring use to this, what content the word is being used in this blog?

Am going to give a simple definition of the word, so that you get an understanding of the content the word shadow is being use.

Shadow: An imperfect imitation or copy.

When I look around me all I see is shadows. Everybody looks, talks, acts pretty much the same or should I say there just an imperfect copy of one another. I KNOW! When you first read this, you think about crazy… (Take a second to really think about what’s being said about the world as we know it.) Are you done? Great then you know am right.

Most of us are shadows, if were not shadow ourselves. Then were just one of the few living in someone else shadow, or the small percent that is individual. Still to this day I do not know if its a bad thing, I guess it just depends on your own belief. But if you ask me it’s a BAD THING!

Why?.. You may ask, because were loosing of individuality and if you don’t see that as a bad thing. I have no words for you!

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