Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dear Sixteen

"A wise man makes his own decisions, an ignorant man follows public opinion" - (Chinese Proverbs)

Dear Sixteen,

It’s a rainy Sunday Night and a lot is going on in my mind. Thoughts of the unknown, and thinking about past events, mean while am trying to hold on to the present. This sometime could be scary because as you’re living your life, you feel as if you’re not going anywhere. But when you take a closer look at everything you have accomplish you realize you came along way.

That’s why am writing you this letter, it’s to help us figure this out. I mean at sixteen a lot is going on, your first puppy love (I wish you never fall so hard, took year’s to get over). The friends come and go all the time, as well as the trust issue you have with them (You still don’t have any idea of who your real friends are).

At twenty-two you would think you would have all the answers, life would be easy. You would be in a serious relationship (like in a good 8o’s movie). But in reality you realize you don’t even know the questions. Which isn’t a bad thing after all, I mean the unknown could be a bit scary as well as interesting and fun. Sometimes it best not to have all the answer, its better to take life as its coming one day at a time. You should still set goals and have a dream, and an idea of what direction you want to go with your life. But it’s ok, if things don’t go your way all the time, shit does happen. And it will happens to us a lot, some really bad and others make a great story.

Looking back at everything, my reason to write you is just to see what I would say to you. Trust me am not saying, life is a bed of roses or anything. Am just saying I wouldn’t change a thing, keep going in the direction your heading. And don’t take life so seriously; understand things change and people do to. And if all else fails know this "A wise man makes his own decisions, an ignorant man follows public opinion".


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